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😎 How to Solve Minesweeper
Minesweeper is said to be dependent on luck, but if you know how to solve it, you can solve it logically in many cases.
◆On this page, I will explain how to solve from the viewpoint of the game programmer.
Focus on the number of blocks

Let's flag the resolved block🚩

Find empty blocks

Next to the resolved block

Focus on the sequence of numbers

121, 1221 is a fixed sequence

Either one is a mine

Know only the number of hidden bombs

Exclude resolved blocks

Focus on consistency with the next number

First, assume the presence of a mine

Focus on consistency with the next number

In case of inconsistency, the first assumption is incorrect

This method can be widely applied.You can find all deterministic blocks by tracking adjacent numbers. (For example, Solver by computer, Exhaustive search)

How to master mines perfectly?
Find all mines with AI
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