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Tips for solving Minesweeper. rules and strategies

◆Minesweeper is also said to be a game of luck, but if you know how to do it, you can solve it quite logically.
◆On this page, the minesweeper app "" will thoroughly teach you the strategy and tricks!

Start by reviewing the rules

Rules: Numbers represent the number of bombs around.Open all the cells without stepping on the bombs to clear the game!

⬇︎The key to the strategy is "tracking the numbers"!

Strategy (Beginner)
Count cells around numbers

Let's count from the edge!
Number is 1, cell is only 1. confirmed by bomb

The number is 2, and there are only 2 cells. confirmed by bomb

Same in 3 cells, confirmed with a bomb.

Let's put up a flag 🚩 for the confirmed cell!

Strategy (Beginner)
find empty cells

Track the numbers next to it and you'll find an empty cell!

Since one cell has already been confirmed, the rest are always empty cells.

Since two cells have already been confirmed, the rest are always empty cells.

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Strategy (Intermediate)
See how the numbers line up

A sequence of 121,1221 numbers that you often see when solving. The placement of hidden bombs there will always be as follows.

Not only bomb blocks but also empty cells can be confirmed

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Strategy (advanced)
either one is a bomb

There's a bomb on one of the blocks, but... Even in such a case, let's track the next number! You will find it!

There is always one on either side, so the rest are empty cells!

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Strategy (advanced)
Exclude Solved Cells

problem can be simplified.

And the answer remains the same!

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Strategy (Expert)
Consistency with adjacent numbers

First assume the presence or absence of bombs

Focus on consistency with adjacent numbers

If not, your first assumption is wrong!

This strategy has a wide range of applications and can find all determinable cells by tracking adjacent digits. (For example, computer solver-like brute-force method)

However, it seems to be difficult for humans... Please try it when you are in trouble. you will find it unexpectedly.

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That's all for the strategy to solve Minesweeper. Please try it in the actual battle. Also, regarding the luck element, even if you chase the numbers in a brute-force manner on a computer, you won't be able to solve everything, and you will hit the "wall of luck" with two or three choices on the way. But I think this is the fun of Minesweeper. Let's break through the "wall of luck" and aim for clear!

(Supplement 1)
Where should I start?

Second cell from the edge. The first opened position is empty (no bombs or numbers), so you can crush the corners and open the surrounding cells.

(Supplement 2)
Unsure of the rules?

The rule of Minesweeper is to open the cell without stepping on the bomb with the sequence of numbers as a hint. And the part about how will be the "strategy method". Let's acquire the strategy in the actual battle!

(Supplement 3)
What is the principle of cells opening at once?

When you open one cell, it opens all at once, but what is the principle behind opening it?
In Minesweeper, when one cell is opened, the cells in eight directions around it are opened, and the surrounding cells are opened in a chain reaction. It then stops when it reaches a cell with a number in it.)

As a result, there is always a number on the boundary of the released part, and the bomb is hidden around the number.

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